Congress Themes

Socio-Economic Developments and New Strategies for Göbeklitepeden Industry 4.0

  • European Union, Regional Studies, International Relations Banking and Insurance, Finance, Accounting, Economic Thought, History of Economics, Macro Economics, Finance, Microeconomics,  Econometrics, International Economics Public Administration, Local Governments,  Urban and Environmental Policies, Political Life and Institutions, Political Science, Political Thought, 
  • Political History Social Policy, Social Services, Social Assistance,
  • Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management,  Labor Economics Production and Operations Management, 
  • Management Information Systems,  Quantitative Decision Methods, Management and Organization, Marketing Journalism and Media, 
  • Sociology, Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Study,
  • Tourism Management, Travel Management and Tourism Guidance, 
  • Computer Education, Education of Religious Culture and Moral Education, Educational Sciences, Fine Arts Education, Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, Special Education, Guidance and Psychological Counseling,  Preschool Education,  Classroom Education, Turkish and Social Sciences Education,  Foreign Language Education.